About Us

Gennext Facility Service Pvt. Ltd. ( a company under Safepoint Group of Companies), is founded by a group of highly experienced Business and Service Professionals, adept in facility, property & project management with excellent domain knowledge. Gennext integrates synergies to develop one-stop solution for its partners through portfolio management be it Property, Facility, infrastructure along with multiple range of products associated with building utility segment. With steadfast commitment to its customers, focused approach and exceptional customer service, Gennext is trying to be a leading professional custodial and facility management company. Gennext is a diverse and innovative organization able to manage Large single properties to multi-facility operations seamlessly with integrated Facility Management Solutions. At Gennext , we can create a comprehension, customized plan based on your needs and deploy the latest technology, processes, quality control, training, and safety program to not only meet, but exceed your expectations. Our management team has well over 20 years of combined experience in the industry.

The foundation of Gennext is built upon a comprehensive custodial service with an end to end ownership approach. We take great pride in our work and value the partnership we formed with our clients. ”

Gennext Principles

The primary Goal of Gennext is to achieve customer delight by building trust and confidence through committed service delivery and meeting customer needs by understanding their expectations. Gennext will provide need based solutions through assured quality of service by adhering a well defined processes and continuous improvement. Gennext will deliver with full involvement of in-house team, suppliers and business associates.

Why Gennext?

Making the decision to outsource your facility services is an important strategic business decision that can reap many benefits. Listed below are just three reasons why you should consider outsourcing your facility service needs to Gennext.

- Redeploy Assets / Resources: This allows the client to focus on core business activity: in growth periods, the back-office functions of companies will expand also, putting tremendous pressure on human and financial resources. Outsourcing will allow refocusing on business activities that are important without sacrificing quality or service. The greatest benefit of outsourcing is operational, continuity, risk management, and staffing controls.

- Cost and Efficiency Savings: Outsourcing can save money by allowing you to establish a budget that gives complete and accurate control of those functions that are not core to your business, thereby creating a fixed expense instead of a variable expense which is easier to manage and plan for. When outsourcing you can easily adjust your resources and personnel to accommodate your needs. You can also have a customized plan created as needed, which we can prepare for you.

- Partnership: By outsourcing your janitorial. custodial, and building maintenance needs to Gennext, you gain a trusted. rospocted, and proven leader in the business. You will be able to leverage our knowledge and experience to save money and time, thereby.

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